Could someone plueeze explain what we accomplished with this borough assembly absenteeism debacle. All I heard was excuses and threats.
OK the assembly person in question had to answer to the march of the state judges interpretation of our local ordinance, and that has obviously rendered a result.
But what really was accomplished?
I'd like to think that we have learned a valuable lesson. This painful process has shown the chink in the armor of our political protocols.
My question is this; is the assembly going to seize this as an opportunity to improve on deficient rules, or just move on and hope for no further litigation?
My spin;
The law is the law. Accept it and move on. I f the law is not acceptable , then change it. However; until it is changed , you must adhere to it. It is really that simple. I commend any person who steps up an offers their availability to public office. It is a job of minimal appreciation and arduous hours,if you do it right, and a few of our assembly members are doing that, then you will draw the admiration and the condemnation of the people you represent.. Ms. Lynch & Mr. Friend are doing that, they read, they study, and they weigh in with an informed and educated opinions. Hats Off!.Just when I am ready to toss my "oh well" hat in the ring , they show a depth of responsibility that I had only dreamed of. We need more of this .
Frankly, it is time to elect officials who represent us , that will be confrontational, who are willing to step out of the status quo, and say WTF?
If we do seek change, how can we enact it?
Think on this..
Question authority,demand real answers, real solutions, and act on them.
Carpe diem Bro.

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