Stuck in the big city.......

Yup , here I am stuck in A-town.
The land of christmas sales, slick roads, and crazy drivers!
I came over for a doc visit and have been trying to get back to the rock since 1100 this morning. Sure, I coulda came home llast night, but why? I decided to spend a Friday night in the the big city with a buddy, a bige plate of wings, and a huuuge glass of winter ale. OK, maybe we killed more than one glass of ale.
Anyways, we ended up taking his new love to a certain place of notoriety, cause she had never been, and was really curiuos as to what went on there. A couple of beers later she realized that men are not dogs and the place, known for bawdiness and beautiful women, was actually filled with quiet guys and a fair number of female spectators. Another myth bites the dust.
Turns out the new love of my buddies life grew up on our little rock and had moved some time ago. 15 years and a couple of lifetimes later she is back in AK, meets my buddy, and now they are about to embark on the happily ever after part.
Funny this adventure also proves that living on an island actually does make the world smaller. As we talked that evening we discovered a small group of mutual friends and caught each other up on some of their shenanigans since the mid eighties. All in all it was a great night, I have a new friend, my buddy is the happiest I have seen him a long time, and I wish them both nothing but the best for the rest of their lives.
So here I will sit, shopped out, beaten down, and optimistic about the flight in the morning.
I have read Ishmaels latest, thanks for adding me to your list Ish!


Ishmael said...

I get the impression this infamous place to which you refer is known in some quarters as 41-43... Think about it....

kodiakgriff said...

Ok I give... is that a lat and long for the great city that is the closest to Alaska?
I read your quip about the assembly meeting. Me: I am in the wait & see mode. If they do not do this right Mel will be back. It is a shame that folks who donate their time have to face so much public scrutiny; but then again, if we don't shine a flashlight in the corners, how do we fix the errors in the system?