Getting Close

Well it's Christmas weekend. Hopefully by now we are done trudging about town trying to fill last minute holiday needs. The Prez has granted a 4-day weekend to all the fed employees and most of the local businesses are trying to do the same.
So now that all this pre-season craziness in this world behind us, I say relax.
There is nothing going on today that cannot be fixed next week. After all Christmas is only a few days away. Why save all that good cheer and warm feeling for the one day?
Relax: I know we cannot fix all that is wrong in one day, and putting the fight off for a few days will not affect the outcome.
My mom would always smile when I asked what she wanted for Christmas. Then she would remind me that "Christmas is 365 days a year".
It took a long time for me to understand that sentiment, but son of gun, she is right!
Think on this. If we applied the same warm and forgiving feelings we all have at this time of year, to our daily lives what would be the outcome? Understanding & forgiveness?
History shows several times when warring factions have laid down their arms and animosities to acknowledge one sacred day. Why not extrapolate that to a daily frame of mind? Imagine what this world could be like.
Maybe I am just hopeful, maybe I cannot lose my belief in the greater good of man, maybe I am just another voice in the wilderness.
Whatever; I will not give up on the belief that any people can sit at the table and find common ground, seek resolutions, and understand that it is not win or lose, it is seeking an equitable compromise for all concerned.
Think on it, and try to carry the Christmas spirit in your heart all year long.
Just a thought.
Lastly: Hats off to the Womans Bay Volunteer Fire Dept. for bringing Santa to flats kids one more time. YOU GUYS ROCK!
Happy Holidays