Noble endeavors

You may notice a new link in "my faves". It is mountainsformelanoma.com
So heres the story behind this cool web site.
Several years ago my best friend was diagnosed with stage three melanoma. Pretty scary stuff, after all , we have been kicking around together since we were 14, led similar life styles, had the same bad habits etc.
My buddy would come up and visit our home at least once a year, we fished, drank, told stories, all the stuff good friends do. We have weathered girlfriends, wives,ex-wives, losses and wins for 30 years, always backing each other up and never judging.
Then one day he is standing on the back deck having a beer with me, after a hard day of killing fish, and he tells me he has a spot on his shoulder that is being looked at. I am stunned, but he assures me its no big deal, just a simple cut and test. I nod, and fetch a couple of cold ones. On my trip to the cooler, I remind myself that my bud would not have even mentioned this if it wasn't worrying him.
So when I return, I fill him with tales of the guys I was stationed with in Florida that had been treated for various forms of skin cancer and how they all turned out fine.
We relax and watch the kids run around the backyard.
I watch his daughter, tan and hair so bright , she looks like a little sun all unto her own. Daddy's looks and mommy's fire, one heck of a combination. I say a quiet prayer that she has her dad around for a long, long time.
The spot turned out a lot worse than we anticipated and Kenny started down the long road to recovery. The next couple of years would be filled with phone calls, e-mails, and prayers. Thank the Lord he has recovered and now has started a new quest. He is raising money to help fight this horrible disease.
He is escorting his 9 year old daughter around the world and attempting to set a new record for the youngest skier to ski all seven continents.
So check out his web site, if nothing else it has a lot of cool pictures from all over the world.
Their next adventure is Antarctica and they leave next week.
Good luck and Godspeed my friend.
Noble endeavor #2:
The Pillans fund raiser is today at 400pm @ the Mecca. Great food and killer tunes for the entire family. Thanks to Clifford, Bill, & all the volunteers who made this happen. I LOVE THIS TOWN !

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