Where does the time go?

This pic is for Art V.

15 days since my last post? That also means 15 days since I have visited the varied blogs I enjoy so much.
Yup, I was on the road again and I am happy to be back. As I traveled about our state I was amazed at two things. The amount of former Kodiakans I ran into and the number of mainlanders who had wonderful comments about our little isle.
Living here I should not be amazed at any positive commentary, it was just surprising to run into so many people who have been here. I am grateful for both the comments and the fact that they all didn't move over here.
I got to fly on what of the new micro planes that ERA purchased, and while I appreciate the nostalgic feeling that flying with my knees around my chin and looking over the pilots shoulder, for the price of the ticket a little leg room and a snack would have been nice. As for snacks; I flew over on the jet, in the afternoon, and all they offered was a water, orange juice, and a teeny bag containing about five micro-pretzels. What's up with that? I hope the three dollars they saved on that flight gives them a comfortable buffer zone to pad the millions they have made this season.
Good news is that after I got of the flight my bags were actually already on the turnstile. Although this was probably due to the extra time it takes for the copilot/flight attendant to help revive the several passengers who knocked themselves unconscious when they foolishly tried to stand upright, it was nice to have my luggage waiting on me for a change.
So next, after assuring my wife that my knee would eventually straighten out, we headed out the the Flats; Java Flats that is, for a great Cup o' Joe and the best Breakfast Burrito I have ever had.
Anyways, it is good to be home and catch up on whats been going on. The Kokon has been keeping on top of things and BTY Ish, Congrats on the 100,000 hits! Mr. Vandelay over at Al-Anon has been keeping busy and is still a pleasure to peruse.
I must catch up on all the intrigue and shenanigans that have taken place in my absence, but i did hear that there some new assembly candidates in the wings.
Feel free to quote me on this.
Providing they are not a felon, pedophile, religious extremest, or related to the any member of the triad.
Do a good thing today folks;, but not for yourself.

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Art Vandelay said...

Welcome back Griff! Great post. Still kind of hope you would run for the assembly!