Rungs in the ladder.

Well, I used to say that nothing in politics surprises me. However;my surprise at the current entry into the circus is conflicted. I am not sure which is the greater upset for me, that Sarah was picked, or that she accepted.
I mean, I actually believed that she had our states best interest in heart when I voted for her. I understood she was ambitious and could be a tough as nails when needed, thats what I liked.
The blogs are alive with rosy and not so; spins on this turn of events. Terry over at Rogue Wave is definitely not happy. The Devils Club has an excellent post as does Fireweed at Arctic Brainfreeze. Art Vandelay has written volumes and I am not sure if he is caught up in the Palin glamor or not. I do know that Ish over at the KoKon is , but he always has been.
My spin is this. This is a time when our state needs strong, honest leadership. There is a lot coming down the pike and we Alaskans need a good leader at the wheel. We had that and now we are losing it. We are facing the very real possibility of needing to find a new governor and Lt. governor in the middle of a critical period for this state.
So now what? Do we sit back and hope they don't make the cut, then welcome them home with gratitude and fervor? I say NO! I don't give a rat's ass about all the good they will do for our state in their new positions. Sure, Sean could end up in a role where he could make a difference, but Sarah? Face it folks the VP has a lot less influence than a congressman or senator down in D.C.
The right thing to do was for Palin to put a check on her avaricious political ambitions, let Sean make a run at it, and look out for us. Whose gonna mind the store while these two wannabe's are on the campaign trail? The next few months of campaigning will absorb the majority of their time and leave little left over for the state they purported to love.
Face it folks, we were just rungs on Sarah's ladder to somewhere else. As for Sean, well I think your move , at the time made sense, but now you have been overshadowed by the Palinator.
Too bad, your new job would have had direct impact on the policies that affect out great state, not so much for your bosses. Maybe Sarah has already written your chances off and figures you can run things in her absence, maybe she doesn't care either way.
How about this? Sarah step down as governor now, and focus on the next achievement in your life. Let Sean step up and do his best. If you don't make it to VP then you can come home and wait for the next election round to regain your seat in Juneau. Or are you a "cake and eat it too" girl?
My feelings om Ms. Palin,s attitude are easily summed up by quoting the title of one of my favorite books,(by Douglas Adams), "So Long and Thanks For All the Fish".
I will post more later on our neighborhoods politics, but for now I am heading out into the sun and bake of this dirty, used feeling I am left with.
Do the right thing ya'll, even when it ain't easy.


Ishmael said...

Strong words, but I've learned you're a thoughtful man who chooses his words carefully.

I'm still not sure what I think.

By the way, props for stepping up again in your service area.

kodiakgriff said...

Thanks Ish.
So you figured out who I might be.
I never sought anonymity, nor notoriety, as I tell the hardcore,"in your face folks", I am not hard to find.
If no one wants to run for the assembly, then let the voters write us in!
Ishmael and kodiakgriff; wouldn't that be a hoot. Let the voters decide and the borough figure out the rest. I must admit the Art Vandelay is also a strong contender for my write in choice.
As for Sarah Palin; we must, as Alaskans, seriously consider our next step. If we do not, and she moves on, then we will closing the door after the cows are gone.