Ok this is what the bears chillin' out in the Flats look like.
So now every time you get the urge to sprint out here and block the highway while you take pictures, or risk the lives of your families as they run back and forth across the road,(the speed limit is 55 BTW), just look at these and stay home!
Better yet, print these, and put them in your pocket. That way you can gaze in wonder at the magnificent beasts while you wait in line at the KFC/Taco Bell thing.
If you insist on driving out to watch the critters at least park in the parking areas and when your done mosey down the road and throw some of that town money around at Java Flats or the Rondy.
Sorry if I sound a little put off, but some of us actually live out here and have places to go and things to do. Sitting around while the person in front of you stops their car in the middle of the road to chat about the cute little omnivores, gets old after three or four times.
Oh yeah, theres a new Island blogger on the scene, check out Fireweed.
Drive sensible ya'll and think about the other person.


Anonymous said...

That's an impressive sense of entitlement you've got Griff. You have a potential public safety message here, but it's eclipsed by your this-land-is-my-land haughtiness. Most of us are transplants here, when did you stop being one?

Art Vandelay said...

OK Griff...you know I lova ya like a brother but you need to abbreviate by-the-way as BTW not BTY. OK? Or am I missing something here. Is BTY right or is it, as the kids say, a Griff thang?

Or also, on you advice I checked out Java Flats last week and you were spot on regarding the burrito! Yum!

kodiakgriff said...

Alright aleady. By The Yo whatup. It is a Griff thang, my inadvertent combination of FYI and BTW, coupled with the inability to match my typing speed with my brain. Thank you Art for helping me prevent further embarrassment. I will try harder. I am glad you tried the burrito!
As for any mouse, public safety is always my main concern and after watching several near misses at the bridges I felt a need to comment.
Peace ya'll

Art Vandelay said...

You crack me up, pops.

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