What are you gonnna settle for?

I love election years!
I would like to say all the current political intrigue surprises me, but it doesn't. Teflon Ted is under the spotlight, The Don is circling his wagons, Saucy Sarah is getting her first taste of public disapproval and the borough has settled with that miscreant trio of dissidents.
I might not like the idea of the borough settlement much, but it does make financial sense. By my calculations the total cost of this adventure has cost the tax payers over six figures. Best to end it now and save our money.
As for Ted, Don , and Sarah, I am holding my judgments for later. I urge all my fellow citizens to do the same.
Never forget that the majority of this country does not understand the causes and problems of our great state. There is also a certain amount resentment harbored towards a state that many see as abundant in resources, scenery, and capital funding wind falls. Couple that with a population that loves a good media blitz as much as the Romans loved the coliseum and there is bound to a lot of negative press.
What I am saying is this. Do not let media hype convince you of what is right or wrong. Listen to both sides, seek to find the middle, (where the truth usually hides), and draw your own conclusions.
I am not a huge fan of Ted or Don anymore. However, I am not convinced that they are guilty of any more than any one of their mud slinging colleagues are.
This year we must make some serious decisions at the polls. Are you going to vote your conscience, are you going to vote your party line, or are you going to vote the path of least resistance?
This year we must decide if all the good that the incumbents have brought to our state is outweighed by their controversial and possibly criminal behavior. Like it or not, their actions reflect on the ethics and moral image of all Alaskans. Face it if you run on a program of moral and ethical superiority then you will be held to the standards you tout. If not, well I think President Clinton showed us the other side of that coin.
Locally we will have the power to remove two of the money seeking dissidents from the assembly by not voting for them, but will you have the conviction to do so? Will it be easier to vote the status quo, or even not vote at all?
I mean if the the mail shows up, and the trash gets picked up then the majority of the populace seems to settle for who ever the rest of us vote in. Sad but true. It is Apathy, not terrorists, or the economy that is eating away the foundation of our great nation.
So I guess the question is this. When you step into the voting booth this fall, what are you gonna settle for?
I will end this rant with my favorite e-mail quote of the week
The real reason that we can't have the Ten Commandments in courthouse........
You cannot post "Thou Shalt Not Steal," "Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery" and "Thou Shall Not Lie" in a building full of lawyers, judges and politicians --
it creates a hostile work environment.

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