I started the day off in a good mood, but...........

What the hell?
Do those literary geniuses at our local fishwrap ever proof read anything Lorna writes? I have never agreed with the Arndt matriarchs style of prose and she is certainly entitled to an opinion, but for a public forum to print her scything commentary every time she submits it is irresponsible; at best.
I can see it now. Tropical storm Lorna enters the senior editors office with her latest offering to the opinion section. She sets it down and, shaking her poison pen in the editors face , threatens to reveal one of the deep dark secrets she has if they don't print her latest tirade. The associate editors stand ,trembling in the corner, for fear of attracting her attention.
OK; probably not true, but what else could possibly explain the fact that everything she writes ends up in print? The editor of the Mirror screens a lot of good material out of the opinion section, so well in fact the majority of us have quit trying and now have blogs with which to rant.
Disagree? Think about this, our community and our country are in the middle of political changes, economic turmoil, and BTY we are at war. So what is the thought provoking poll in the latest edition? It concerns cosmetic surgery.
I challenge the mirror; if ya'll can't rub your collective brain cells together long enough to actually give off a creative spark and ask questions that matter, then add another choice to the poll. Let the answers include a face lift for the Kodiak Daily (oneway) Mirror.
Perhaps that answer scares you more than the disapproval of Mrs. Arndt.
For my handful of faithful readers, I would apologize for sounding pissed off, but I am.
Ish and Art V.; keep it up I love your stuff.
Ask hard questions, and expect real answers.
Peace ya'll


Ishmael said...

I had no idea the Mirror actually rejected anybody's letters. Who knew? That makes the publishing of ones like Arndt's all the more puzzling.

Here's a scary thought: what if they are not publishing everything she submits? That means there must be some doosies on the cutting room floor.

kodiakgriff said...

Yes, Ishmael; they do cull the mail.
Excellent point about her possible outtakes though.
How about this, what if you & I each wrote a semi-controversial submission and see what happens?
If you doubt the Mirrors shyness around controversy and willingness to submit to outside pressures, ask the sandman about his early experiences down there.
Just a thought..

Fireweed said...

Check out my blog on the same exciting topic....Maybe she works for the government, and is working undercover to reveal the apalling lack of mental health care in outlying rural areas/effects of long-term chemical exposure in old Alaskan military areas. Maybe we're all being watched by black helicopters......

Art Vandelay said...

Excellent rant. Let's not give her a free ride.

devilsclub said...

You know the trick to getting a letter to the editor published? Has nothing to do with the content, it is the word count. Other than front page and KHS sports, it is all filler and fodder to wrap around overpriced advertising... a team of people staring at a deadline and a three-column-inch hole. Short and sweet and stupid seems to be the magic combo, unless your timing is right and they are inevitably between ad sales reps.

I especially enjoyed your tropical storm paragraph. Great rant! I miss a couple of our previous, less-terrified-of-real-journalism editors too.

kodiakgriff said...

Thank you Devils club.
The truth shall be revealed.......... eventually.

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