Reflecting on last weekend.

Last weekend was phenomenal, at least for me. I attended the tail end of Kodiak Out Loud and greatly enjoyed the what I heard. Jon Campbell's renditions were humorous and poignant. Dave Densmore read a piece that truly struck a tone with the loss any one of us has felt. I was also was able to catch our own Toby Sullivan's reading. His ability to describe an event that leads to further events is captivating and reflective of our fishing community.
Later I proceeded down to Tony's to catch the "after show". That to was great. I caught a set from our local McSkank band, (those guys are rockin'), and caught up with several folks I have not seen for far to long.
Joanna Fynn Reichhold, a poet/singer from Cordova, blew me away. Her voice and rhythm reminded me of the old Irish chanties I grew up with. Moe Bowstern's poetry was full of life and vinegar. Erin Fristad's poetry was meaningful and also rang true of the emotions in a fishing community. I loved her introduction of "I don't write happy poems". Pat Dixon's poetry was also a blessing to hear and remember.
The next day I was able to catch the end of the writers seminar that was hosted at the new refuge center. The openness of the writers and the chance to talk with them almost overcame my experience the night before. I bought some CD's and have enjoyed listening to their works ever since. In talking with these folks I was refreshed by their awe and appreciation of this island. I hope they will come again to share their talents with us.
In short: hats off to Toby Sullivan and the sponsors that made this happen. I would also reiterate one of the comments on the KoKon blog. Do not forget the "out loud" that Toby has organized every Crab Fest. It is always entertaining and sometimes thought provoking.
Later that evening I met an interesting individual, (imagine that), at Tony's. I was introduced to Ray Metcalfe. This man has a purpose, and it mostly involves holding our elected officials accountable for their actions. although I agree with his goal, I must ask one thing. To what purpose? The man who would be king, must first unseat the king.
Good luck Mr. Metcalfe you have a tough row to hoe. If you are able to bring the CBC to their knees will you be able to bring your ideals to office? I would like to think that you can do what you say, but as we both agreed that night; we must follow the dollar.
I will continue to do so. I hope you do the same.
Overall, it was a great weekend and this weekend is also full of entertainment. there is a KMXT show at the Golden Anchor, a kickin' band at the Rendezvous, and Othello is playing at the high school. So get out and enjoy!
Lastly; do a good thing this weekend, but not for yourself.