Ya gotta have faith.

I have been reading again. There is so much in the media about the latest scandals that I am, at times, overwhelmed.
I will choose the latest headline grabber, our own local Russian Orthodox church.
Ok, there are problems in the church. Big surprise! Almost every religious organization in the U.S. has come under scrutiny for these same accusations.
Get over it. If you are seeking self gratification because a religious leader and his following are under media scrutiny, then I would lump you in with all the millions that slow down for car wrecks and follow media accounts of athletic icons falling from grace.
Face it; people are people. It does not matter where they work. Regardless of their fame or prestigiousness, some folks will make mistakes. Perhaps mistakes is an understatement, given the nature of some situations. However, it is in our very nature to make mistakes. We also have a unique ability to forgive.
The media will always focus on the negative. So long as it grabs the average person by their self righteous antennae, it will continue to so so.
Truth; every religious organization has fallen under this spotlight at one time or another. It is the individuals that must be judged, not the group.
If you do not believe this, think about it.
Muslims, true followers, do not blow people up. Mormons, do not advocate the forced marriage of teenage girls. The Southern Baptists do not condone the actions of a few of their misguided libidinous leaders. Catholics, school teachers, and The Boy Scouts of America do not recruit pedophiles and lecherous members. The sad fact is that certain predators are drawn towards vocations that give them access to victims.
I am not saying this is the case for the Orthodox church, I am saying that bad things happen and we must be ready for the outfall.
The very desires that drew us into the various beliefs we have has one basic tenet.
Faith, and belief in God.
Draw on that now, whether your organization is under the current spotlight, or you are a watcher on the sideline, is irrelevant.
My prayers go out to all the faithful, regardless of their religious following. Let man judge the actions of a few. God will decide in the long run.
For many years my beloved bride wondered where I drew my strength and conviction. At times it has made those close to me feel that they let me down when they chose the easy solutions, rather than the difficult. I finally came to the realization that it was never my strength that carried me through. It was my faith. God's strength; not mine, gave me perseverance. When I shared that with them, a family wide epiphany ensued. You are allowed to make mistakes, we were not meant to be perfect, we only strive towards perfection. However; that must be countered with understanding and forgiveness.
So let the media run with it's latest blood on the road stories. Draw strength in what you believe and persevere. After all, regardless of the outcome, we all answer to the same power in the end.
Maybe this will be the death nail to my little blog, maybe not.
The truth will set you free................