Happy St. Patricks day!

Wow! Where have I been, what the hell have I've been doing?
Does it matter?
The assembly has been so quiet, and I must admit that they have been fuel for my fire lately. Enough!
It is St. Patrick's day and time for celebration. I am going to celebrate the day of a great man. For those who do not know; here here are some facts.
St. Patrick was not Irish. He was a captured Brit slave who escaped and returned to his homeland. While he was a slave of an Irish lord he spent the majority of his youth in solitude watching over the flocks of his master. In this solitude he found strength in his belief of Jesus and the Christendom. Later; after he returned to England and became ordained, he chose to return to the land he believed needed the word of salvation.
St. Patrick became one of the greatest evangelists in history. The majority of all Christian sects will agree that he was an amazing individual who overcame a century of violence and sadness.. He was able to combine the pagan beliefs of a nation with the beliefs of the fastest growing religion in the world. In doing this he enabled an entire people to grow strong in their conviction.
In doing this he took a nation that was lost. A nation that had been oppressed and had become the storm troopers of an empire. He gave them belief in the greater good. He took the genetic melancholy and violence of a people and unified them in the belief that God is good and we will suffer no more than we can bear.
That said; I give you this.
Enjoy tomorrow; I know I will. While you celebrate the day remember.
1. St. Patrick is a saint.
2. When the dark ages arrived it was Irish monks who recorded all the scientific and medical records, thus saving civilization.
3. The Irish were the shock troops the Brit's sent in first. Including the settling of our great nation.
4. Irish music is the foundation of all our country music. It also is the driving influence in our folk music and Canada's.
5. Only in America does this day result in drunken excess. In the rest of the world it is a day of somber gratitude for a man that saved a nation.
Doubt my Irish pride?
Read history. Do you feel oppressed? Do you feel the world owes you something because of the injustice served to your ancestors?
Get over it.
Put the wrongs of the past behind you and strive to prevent the real problems that face our nation. Ask hard questions, don't lay down and accept what the world serves you.
We cannot undo past wrongs. We can only choose to make sure they are not repeated.
More than one nation has shaped the world. Find strength in what your predecessors have done and build on it.
Woosh; I am spent. Tomorrow night I will have a pint and be glad to be here. I will listen to music full of sorrow and triumph. I will tell my son at least one story of triumph. Let him realize, that as we are surrounded by all the groups that claim foul and seek recompense, he has descended from a nation that persevered.
God bless the Irish and all who have an Irish heart.
Happy St Patrick's day!