Just when you think it's over........

Yup, I'm back. I had to to a little break and take care of other stuff. Sadly, (for me), the blog moves to the back of the heap during the busy times.
Anyways, I am glad to see that the borough assembly hasn't been to boring in my absence.
What's this? It smells of democracy in action and it does seem like the assembly is learning as they go. The voices in Chiniak were heard and heeded. Imagine that, the will of the community outweighed the desires of one. Although I did hear a couple of waffling hints of the traditional "lets table this for further discussion at the next meeting" the assembly made their decision. Good Job!
By the way, it is irrelevant if everyone agrees with this decision, majority rule prevailed. If the assembly keeps this up we might actually start moving forward again.
There is a new lawsuit on the table, only this time it is the other four members. Funny the only three dissenters voicing shock and outrage are the three not named as plaintiffs on this one. Yup, it's the three that threw their hat in with Mr. Stephens and then cried foul when we would not pay for the lawyer fees they are incurring.
I am going to look into this one some more before I comment any further.
One last comment for the Stephens gang : Reap what you sow.
Do a good thing tomorrow, ya'll.