The great Kodiak debate?

I just got done reading Ish' reviews on the KoKon blogspot.
Interesting stuff and sadly predictable. Somewhere near the end I actually tripped into the Charlie Brown's teacher flashback that fills all of our heads with white noise once in a while.
In short, Gabbie did well, Berkowitz & Metcalfe are very confident, even though I do not believe any Democrat can solve our problem. Just because they are in the same club as the current majority does not mean they will sway an established group of cronies that seems determined to steal the resources that provide our independence & livelihood . Never forget that it was a Dem in the oval office when IFQ's were forced down our throats. Not only that, it was a Dem from Arkansas, the same state that the corporate fishery raider Tyson is from.(check and see how much of their fleet got IFQ's).
Don Young sounded as I expected. I give him credit for not actually saying " I am The Don for crying out loud", but I sure could hear it in his voice. Face it Don, it's time to move on, before you are asked to.
The vocal sparring between Gabbie and Don was actually that. Sparring, where every one gets some exercise and no one actually gets hurt. Only in politics can you witness two people disagree, discuss it, and walkaway having actually said nothing and still feel like they won.
I want to thank Diane Benson for professing her love for our state so well. I also love this state, but I am not sure it is a strong enough pogrom to base a campaign on. you scared The Don a little last election so I know they are not taking you lightly. Good luck to you Ms. Benson and I hope Donny's boys don't play too rough.
As for the absent LT. Guv Parnell; don't give up the day job. Snubbing a fishing community at the beginning of your run could be your undoing. Perhaps some mainlander's can't grasp how much of our economy is based on this resource. I recommend you sit back and wait for the newest Palin to come. Then blaze forth in Ms. Palin's absence and show us your skills. There will always be another election to try again.
To sum it up,
The debate was as boring as the assembly meeting held the same day. Once again, an assembly member showed their lack of knowledge about a process, that; by now the entire assembly should be thoroughly familiar with. My advice to that individual would be to save embarrassing questions for work sessions and not closing remarks on public radio. Speaking of embarrassing. Where were the other two members of the lawsuit gang? That's at least two in a row now. Maybe you think that if you are on the same side as a certain, pain -in -the butt, no positive contributions, I just want my seat back, lawyer we know; you can't get ousted.
Remember, there is no honor among thieves.
Anyway, I have spun my spin, and I am spent.
Next entry will be about a group of visiting poets I met and a future king.
Do a good thing tomorrow, but not for yourself.