Yeah baby, let's start this thing up! Six shiny new hopefuls & six new chances for change Or is it?
Sure the Tea Party has broken new ground, and both republicans and democrats are scratching their heads, and possibly other body parts.
Who woulda thunk? I mean these upstart wannabe politicos came out of no where. They had no backing from the GOP or the majority right? Well I guess they showed us huh? Is it gonna be Ross Perot all over again?
Nope, this political drive may succeed. Ole Ross did not have Sarah pitching for him. Ross did not have a nation full of folks who felt shortchanged when the change was handed out.
Change folks, remember that? The current administration sold their entire campaign on it. They promised a break from the status quo, they promised more services for less taxes, they promised a lot things and we bought into it. We lapped it up like a starving kitty on a broken milk bottle.
Well we got change alright. The deficit is swelling, the experimental financial theories of the administration are failing, republican and democrats have resorted to name calling and finger pointing. Nothing can pass the house or senate without pain-pain-painful rhetoric and slandering. The media is making billions on the show, hell, they are creating half of the show themselves. Spin doctors are trying to deflect our gaze from the people behind the curtain............
I thought we were going to break away from the status quo? Mr. Obama was going to save the day while he changed the world. America was going to shine, our children would prosper, all under the bright warm light of bipartisan politics.
Ah, the more thing change aye?
So what next? Looks like tripartisan politics to me folks.
The GOP is already pandering to the new tea party runners, rubbing their hands and shuffling their feet. It would appear that they can accept change only when it is forced down their throats.
The Dem's are circling their wagons. They are also looking over their shoulders. They too have jackals at the back door. They have a group that thinks they are not far enough left of center.
So whats left for the majority of us? Do we vote for the new status quo in hopes this wake-up call will bring us back to the American ideal of nation before self?
Maybe we should throw the dice. Maybe we should vote in all the new faces regardless of which side of extreme they are ranting from. We did it two years ago didn't we?
Face it folks, the entire world is in financial trouble and global warming affects the planet, not just America. Millions are out of work, billions are below the poverty level, and superpower nations are approaching mediocrity.
Lets put the experiment back in the "grand experiment". What qualifications did our founding fathers have? Maybe we need a fresh perspective. If it doesn't work, we can always undo it later. Yup the beauty of democracy is the eternal mulligan. With the power of the election process we change anything.
It's could be a hell of party folks. What is the cost of admission?
A conscience and a ballot.
I don't know 'bout you, but count me in.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Griff! Joe Miller is not the change I am thinking. I'm sticking with Lisa!

kodiakgriff said...

Oh, I am far from sold on Joe, for many reasons. I am only commenting on the fact that the political process is finally changing; sort of.
I just hope the true majority of Americans will get off their apathetic buttocks and VOTE!
Lisa actually went up a notch for me when she thumbed her nose at the established party and decided to continue to run, without switching parties. Who is the rogue now?
This is going to be interesting...

Anonymous said...

Joe is a straight-up hypocrite. My husband and I would have loved to have more kids but we knew our pocketbook wouldn't allow for it. So after learning Mr. "we're spending too much on entitlements!" Joe availed himself to federal and state health care to pay for his children's health care I am furious.
I am voting for Lisa.