The more things change.......

Ain't politics grand? Maybe I should say Ain't politicians amazing?
When are we gonna learn for crying out loud? We wanted change right? We got it crammed down our throats and now we want more! Maybe we have become spoiled by the instant responses in our everyday life. I mean you can push a button and receive near instant results for most things. From instant messaging to ordering pizza, it works every time; all time.
Case in point; I am not home, rather I am sitting at the Upper One bar in A-town right now. My fellow prop-hoppers know exactly where this, only airport bar outside of security, is.
I have checked all my email, talked my my bro in Colorado, and sent numerous texts, all while swilling some tall glasses of Alaskan White. All that; yet I am way behind the electronic power curve when I sit around the millennials, or even my peers that live in the outside world.
It is no wonder that America is dissatisfied. I mean we gave them two whole years to turn the largest economy in the world around and solve global warming!
Enough! Oust 'em and bring in some new hopefuls.
Come on folks,the new darlings of the new third party are wackier than Jessie Ventura and Sara Palin duct taped into the same straight jacket. There is a retired witch in Delaware, and an Alaskan candidate who is getting most of his funding from the lower 48. Add a whole bunch of other assorted wannabe's and you get the whole Planters Party Mix sans the can.
Meanwhile behind the curtain lurks the woman who went from Governor to Vogue,(thanks to ISH), to rogue, and now is in vogue with a group of change mongers from the east coast. BTW folks it is not change if you are going back, that's called retro and is usually considered faddish.
Meanwhile the GOP has switched dance partners faster than a jilted prom queen and Lisa Murkowski is now Ronin!
Man if this was any more Disney, I'd be pukin' from the dizziness of it all.
My point? Patience folks, that's what.
This nations problems will not be solved like that empty freezer gets filled during the Coho run on the Kenai. Rather it will be the hard work and patient strategy of the trout fisher on a mountain stream that brings long lasting results.
American economics will not be solved with draconian, binge diets. The problems will be solved with innovation, time, and an understanding of the process. Yes there will also be some sacrifice involved too.
Good luck Alaska, I only see two viable and honest,(mostly), candidates out there.
Good luck America, cause if y'all don't start reading and voting, than all you will see is a never ending cycle of change and no results.
Just thinking folks.
Odd that it was an English band that came up with this one.
Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
We won't get fooled again.
Or will we?
Ask hard questions folks.

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