Back in the saddle....

Wow has it really been two months already?
Hmm, been on the road a bunch. (In fact I'm sitting in Logan International right now.) In between hopping from one plane to another, the sun came out on our little island and I just sorta got lost.
I had to jump back in folks, before I lost my way altogether. Nothing big to say, but I did observe/experience a rather odd thing back here in Bean town.
Apparently the former governor of our great state is the talk of the town.
Imagine my surprise at that. I was questioned more often about the Palinator than I was about our great brown bruins.
Fortunately I had several great pics of the famous brownies rather than the quitter.
Yup, that's what I told my former neighbors back east, I told them about the quitter and opportunist known as Sarah Palin. I told them a short descriptive tale of media pandering and a unique talent for not quite finishing anything she started.
Imagine their surprise. This a place in our great nation where folks still work simply because "you gotta work". Every task started must be finished, every child must share the load in the house until they too can work. Most New Englanders cannot sit idle for long. Sleeping means six in the morning seven days a week. I know this, I was raised there.
So there I was sitting and listening to some of our elders chat about how truthful she is, how maybe she oughtta run for the big office after all.and that she comes from a state that still holds to the old values, etc, etc.
So I told them the truth; at least my perspective. That raised some eyebrows. I told them of a two time quitter, I reminded them of what the ORIGINAL tea party set out to do, I reminded them about the second tea party of the seventies. I explained that to me she was the "Jesse Ventura" of Alaska. In closing my soliloquy I taught them a new phrase; Sarah Barracuda.
That brought a chuckle.
Normally I avoid all things Palin. She has embarrassed me as an Alaskan and she ticked me off me personally. I simply could not listen to my elders and friends back east tout this media personality as the next possible coming.
So I finally spoke me piece, I finally broke my silence; and I did it where this great nation began. How could I not?
Ask hard questions folks, demand real answers.
Peace Ya'll


WakeUpAmerica said...

Good post. You have been missed.

Paige Jennifer said...

Yay for you being on my coast, albeit 6hr up the road. And double yay for taking the time to set some people straight. And I suppose their is a deserved triple yay for you having a post.

Hope you enjoyed your summer!

kodiakgriff said...

Thank you both !