Remembering to be grateful.

It can be hard to be grateful at times.
I am sitting here listening to replays of the news broadcasts from that day nine years ago. The day that changed our country as much as Pearl Harbor changed this nation for our ancestors.
In honor of the thousands that died, the hundreds of rescuers lost, and the families left behind; I will not pontificate on the politics of this tragedy. Instead I will remember and I will be grateful.
I will be remember that even though America was attacked, more than Americans died that day.
I will remember that it was not just Christians that died that day.
I will remember what our founding fathers sought when they bled and sacrificed to build this great nation.
I will be grateful for all the heroes who have sacrificed so much for so many, far to often.
I will be grateful for living in a nation where all opinions are respected, all faiths given the opportunity to be practiced, all people given the chance to achieve their dreams.
I will remember that the great freedoms I have, that my family has died and sacrificed for; carry a terrible price sometimes.
I will remember that God loves me, in fact God loves us all.
Today I will ponder all of this and then some. I will go fishing with friends and grill later.
Every once in a while today, I will be quiet, my eyes will blur, and I will remember.
I will pray for those lost and their families.
Lastly, I will reflect on the principals this nation was built upon.
I will thank God for all that I have.
Peace ya'll

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