Ladies & Gentlemen!

Actually, thanks to a whole lot of good folks who sacrificed a whole bunch I CAN!
That said; I give you my choice for the next President of the United States.
This man and his sidekick (let's just call him Joe), may be the only human beings with greater oratory skills than our current; albeit well intentioned, but mostly ineffective leadership.

Rumor is the original was total improv, yup no speech writers.
He and the VP candidate got my vote for sure!
Even if he accomplishes nothing he's bound to be fun.
Ask hard questions folks.
Peace ya'll


Anonymous said...

Finally, a real description of what is going on out at the rocket base!

WakeUpAmerica said...


Celia Harrison said...

Wow, that made me long for Thevenin's and Norton’s theorems, where is my old TI calculator? I have an urge to gang some capacitors, string some resistors, and create some thermal runaway. But, then I am a bit odd.