No I'm not quitting,(although there has been a trend for it this year.) Even though there are only a handful of fans out there, (and I think they are mostly relatives), I am going to keep slog/bogging for now. I mean it's a wrap for '08.
Yup 2008 is over folks, another year closer to the tricentennial, the International Stamp Show, the Ice Age, or Armageddon. You pick which one you are looking forward to the most.
A year that started off with hopes of peace and success.
Came to an end in a bloody mess.
Tragedy, and scandals rammed down our throats,
until we lay gasping; bleeding like sacrificial goats.
As a country tired of war and worn down,
we rallied for two who sought the crown.
During the battle for our hearts and minds,
our economy slid into serious decline.
Both sides cried "It is not my fault!"
While corporate raiders emptied the vault.
Lustily gilding their silver linings,
ignoring us po' peasants whining.
They moved on, leaving in their wake,
company's seeking guv handouts to take.
Its all good, Obama gonna fix it all.
Like some Cinderella at the ball,
a wave of the wand and all will be better.
Never mind we are becoming the worlds largest debtor.
I'm tired of all the media crap, all hail '09!
Cause 08 is a wrap.
Peace ya'll