365 vs 24/7

Merry Christmas ya'll.
Tonight, as we wrap up the final preparations for Christmas day, I am reminded of my mothers annual refrain.
Christmas is 365 days a year.
Every year I listened to that response, whenever I queried her for hints as to what I could give her. Now, I understand what she meant.
Folks, Christmas really should be 365 days a year. Not the gift giving, but the very spirit that fills the majority of us all tonight.
Think about it. When you were standing in line today, or waiting for that cherished parking spot, did you step back and relinquish your right, to a person you felt needed it more? Did you help that elderly person with their bags? Smile and talk to child you did not even know? Are you filled with a sense of benevolence that you cannot explain, but must act on? If nothing along those lines entered into your life in the past week, then stop reading right now and do some serious soul searching.
In today's society we are inundated with promises and quips of 24/7. That is not a realistic goal for the Christmas spirit, but 365 days is.
What if every one of us, once a day acted in a Christmas like manner? What if you avoided using the empty row of handicapped parking, even though it was only going to take a minute. What if you talked to that friend, just because, no holiday guilt involved? What if you simply understood, that the actions of that person,(that you don't know), might have reasons behind it that you are not aware of. In realizing that you act in forgiveness, rather than anger?
History has shown over and over again, amazing acts of peace and understanding on this night and tomorrow. Let that be our proof. Love and understanding not only work, it is in our very nature to seek. We find as much comfort in comforting as being comforted.
God so loved us he gave us his only son.
Tomorrow we shall celebrate the birth of a man. A man who is recognized by every major religion, discussed by theologians of every creed. A man who changed the world by teaching forgiveness and love.
Thank you Mom, you taught me many things. Most of all you taught me this,
Christmas is 365 days a year.
Do the right thing ya'll, just not for yourself.