I got back from from A-town last night. It was a short but interesting trip.
I read a bunch of local news and sat around listening to a lot of Palin chatter.
I get the feeling the she will not carry her home state this November. Just a hunch, but more on that later.
Today we will celebrate the life of a friend. At 400pm we will gather at Holiday beach & begin a Surfers wake for Dave Skimin. It will be a traditional paddle out ceremony beginning at 600pm. The exact same thing will take place at the same time on Sunset beach in Hawaii.
After the paddle out it will be a potluck/barbecue, music, stories, and the celebration of a life well lived.
This is a "weather irrelevant" get together; so suit up, grab your board, kayak, dingy, or just come on out and celebrate with us.
Peace ya'll

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