Less heroes in the world.

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There are three less heroes in this world today, possibly four.
By now I am sure that our beloved island is well aware of the tragic loss of the Coast Guard helicopter crew in Hawaii.
As a former USCG flyer I am saddened by any loss in our community, but the sorrow is always ten fold when someone I know is involved.
My friend, Dave Skimin will not be returning to Kodiak anymore. Being stationed with Dave and working with him was always a pleasure. Playing with him after hours even more so. His love and zest for life's adventures, coupled with his amazing ability to accept life's hurdles was inspirational.
I will always remember the excitement and fervor in his voice as he described surfing our beaches, building a new board, or just the latest camping adventure. I will admit that when he opened the surf shop here I was skeptical, and I told him so. But, with his normal zeal and love of the sport he made it happen. I have always believed that he was one of the the driving forces that put Kodiak surfing on the map.
Working with Dave was fun, many nights ,as we tried to fix this or that, we would discuss anything from sports to politics. He was never reticent when voicing his opinion, yet always opened minded and considerate when listening to the other side.
Last night I sat in the garage, listening to the radio, and mourning the loss of a friend, I realized that there were many people worldwide doing the same thing.
I stood up and said a prayer, I asked for god rest and god bless for the crew lost, I prayed for strength and good fortune for the missing pilot. I also prayed for strength for those the heroes lest behind. Then I thanked God for bringing me home all those times before.
When my prayers were finished the song on the radio shifted to an old Byrds tune. I heard Turn, Turn, Turn drift across the garage. For those that do not know, that popular song is almost direct quotation of scripture. I am not a big believer in coincidence, but I do believe that everything happens for a reason, so did Dave, I heard him say it many times.
My thoughts and prayers to the families and friends of Andrew, David , and Joshua, they are heroes and so are you.
I could go on, but then again; I can't.
I have written this before, it bears repeating.
Treat every conversation as if it is the last time you will talk to that person; it may very well be.
This weekend I will be calling my old flyin' buddies and checking in, as will many other Coasties I am sure.
Next week, I am taking a six-pack and driving out to Pasagshak, just to watch the waves.
Good night Doc, Duane, Matt, Dave B., Robin, and Mr. Skimin. You are missed.
Peace ya'll
PS Check out the list of USCG aviators that did not come home.


devilsclub said...

Thank you for sharing the link, and the distant memory of friends and friends' fathers passed.

Reminded me of some obscure stanzas:

Educated early
in the danger of seas
claiming fishermen and pilots
at its fickle whim,

the boy calls out
saddened but unsurprised
to the invisible conductor
who whispers the reason.

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