Stepping up.

It looks like the previously empty seat on the KIB school board has now made that contest the most interesting this election.
Jerel Lampl, Petal Ruch, and Jana Turvey have all thrown their hats in the ring. Way to step up folks! In all this political excitement I would remind the handful of visitors to this blog that there are not just three candidates for one seat, but using the true power of write-in capability there could be five seekers of three vacancies.
Let's have a debate! With all the controversy of the proposal for a new school on the ballot, lets hear what they have to say in a public forum!
My initial spin on the new candidates is this.
Petal is an excellent choice so far. Her interview showed some clear headed thinking about the new school issue and she has the interactive background,"where the rubber hits the road".
Jerel also shows some levelheadedness about the new school business, and I appreciate any one who realizes that public service is as important to your family as to your community.
Jana, ah Jana, you started off pretty good for this Kodiakan. I appreciate anyone who has grown up here and stayed to better our community. However, once I heard your spin on a new school and it ended with "regardless of the cost", you struck out with this voter. That spend now, worry later mentality is what helped this nation get into the economic pickle it is in. I cannot in good conscience vote for any candidate who shows even an inkling of financial recklessness or naivete.
So here are my picks so far; Peggy for one three year seat, Write in Petal for the other one, and write in Jerel for the one year and let him get his feet wet.
That's it folks probably not what some would think of, but then again sometimes you gotta step outta da box to see inside.
Last notes;
Ish' ramblings over at the mighty KoKon are great as usual. Although the pic of the bear pawed outhouse is actually in A-town. MY BAD, THE OUTHOUSE IN QUESTION IS ACTUALLY AT THE BUSKIN BEACH. THANKS TO THE INVESTIGATIVE SKILLS OF ISH, I STAND CORRECTED! I am still unable to leave comments at the most prestigious blog in the north. Whatup with that?
K.P. is off on a little trip and dagriff wishes him safe journey.
There is always good stuff a the gravel eaters
so check that out also.
Lastly; I will leave ya'll with this to think on.
NO ONE has openly declared as a write-in hopeful for the, less than advertised, vacant seat on the borough assembly. That does not mean that there are not quiet little "among friends" campaigns taking place. Think about all the trouble makers and money seekers that have clogged up our assembly meetings over the past year. I would bet that there is an Arndt, Stevens, Oswalt, or even an Abell quietly gathering support. Think on that Kodiak and be scared, very scared.
Do a good thing today folks, just do it for somebody else.


Ishmael said...

Heya Griff,

I double checked on the bear-pawed outhouse, and it is indeed at Buskin Beach. Just drive down to the end and turn into the parking area before the gazeboo area, and there ya go: bear-pawed outhouse, right here on The Rock.


kodiakgriff said...

Totally my bad!
Maybe I should be drinkin' before I post, aye? I misunderstood the caption in the Mirror.
I will fix this heinous mistruth I posted poste-haste!
BTW how would you like to find those prints on the windows of the KoKon? Out here in da flats we have had several of the bruins experience the "aquarium effect" on our homes.
Perhaps that is why we were less enamored with the side show at the river.
Peace and please bring comments bak!

Fireweed said...

Hey nice blog, I overheard a group of native Kodiakans discussing the School Board vote, and asking each other why in the world she is even running. When you are native, and can't even get the native vote....well you know, not exactly voter confidence.
On another note, I think Ish is enjoying being aloof and unreachable. We're going to have to provoke him to open comments.