Shifting focus

The media has turned the current presidential race into a real circus. They are scrambling to find any info or dirt they can on a VP hopeful from a place that the majority of the nation knows nothing about.
Let's shift focus folks.
Granted the prez's election is looming over our heads, but the real issue at hand is our own current election ballot. Perhaps we should take a break from the national circus and focus on the local and immediate business of our local ballot.
There are several seats left undeclared on the ballot. This means we must seriously consider write in potentials.
Reviewing the election pamphlet I came across a possible discrepancy. The pamphlet only listed two vacant seats on the borough assembly. I could be wrong, but I thought there were three open seats. Think about that before you head to the polls. Your write-ins could make a serious impact on our neighborhood.
There are numerous open spots on the ballot, talk to your neighbors, seek to find the person you think will have a positive impact on the various boards that have vacant seats.
I have had a small amount of time to talk to my neighbors this week, but I have come up with one write-in I would endorse.
I believe that adding Petal Ruch to the members of the school board would be a positive change in our community. she has long supported the arts in our schools, she has brought state and national recognition to our students who strive, under her tutelage. Thanks to her efforts Kodiak is becoming known for producing superior artists.
I will be writing Petal Ruch in as my choice for school board.
That said; who do you know that would be a positive addition to any of the seats currently available on the ballot?
If we do not seek and gain folks on our local boards and committees, we will not gain the representation we need.
Extrapolate that; if our local government truly represents the neighborhood, then at state level we will have the voice we need to enact change. Carry that further and, as a state, we will have a representative voice at the federal levels.
I might seem altruistic but, is this not the very foundation our nation was built upon?
That is my rant tonight, and I am spent.
Welcome back to the Kodiak Perspective!
Peace Ya'll


Ishmael said...

I don't know Petal, but I've seen her work with kids and she is an artist in more than one way. And she's easy on the eyes. I'm just sayin'.

I heard on the radio Dave Kaplan is doing a write-in for assembly, and there's a rumor Rick Pillans (threshold recycling) is doing the same.

As for me, S. Griffin will be my write-in.

kodiakgriff said...

Both are good choices, but my bet would be Rick. This guy has a vision that will benefit our island.
As for me, I am 3 baskets full. I would have to give up my service board seat if elected, and I am not sure that I want to do that. That is assuming I get elected back on. I will not do the "cake and eat it to" approach our governor has taken.
As for Petal, it is high time we had someone on the school board who will look out for the artistic interests of our kids.
BTW, why have I lost the ability to comment on the mighty KoKon?
Avast yea and bring back the ability for us swabby's to comment on the skippers grog induced ramblings.