Local news catches up with the public.

Believe it or not, our local news hounds have actually caught up with local opinion and starting addressing this island's swelling tide of ire.
Friday's fish wrap has not one, but two items concerning the great borough assembly debacle.
This weeks poll asks about the recall. Some , all, or none are the choices. There is currently a small lead in the "all" over the "some" bracket, but "none" is far behind.
Then there is a wonderful opinion article co-written by the three main powers at the Mirror. Basically it starts with a short, sparse history of what led us into this quagmire, and follows with some surprisingly honest thoughts on the matter. I love the challenge to "put your name on the ballot". Although I do not agree with the opinion, this may be one of the best pieces that has been printed for some time. There weren't any misspellings either!
After doing some research and making some calls I have some thoughts on a good way to clean this mess up. If you call 486-9310 you will talk to a very nice borough clerk and then she will e-mail you the recall paperwork and rules. Very informative stuff. Next you can go to the Borough web site and peruse the records. I chose to look for any worthwhile resolutions or ordinances that were introduced by one of the three dissenters. It was a lot of clicking and reading, but no real results. I did not come across anything introduced by one of the three that did not appear to benefit the triad in some way.. but please, look at it and judge for yourself.
So here's the deal. Oswalt,Abell, and Jeffrey cannot be recalled because there is less than 180 days left in their term. That means if we recall the entire assembly then those three will remain. Not enough to vote as the quorum would not exist. Not really an effective approach.
How about this folks?
Let the election this fall weed out the money seekers. If they have reached their magical ten year mark they will walk away with medical benefits for life, which was at least one of the the triads goal anyways.
Sure that irks me a little, but hell I help pay retirement checks to a few ex- presidents, senators, and congressman I don't much care for also.
So lets recall the last remaining member of the triad before she can do any more harm. I have no sympathy for the "I'm just the poor new girl who got misled" defense.
By recalling this assembly member we would also be sending a message to the remaining members. A clear message that we will not tolerate any elected official who takes punitive action against our neighborhoods democratic process. It will also send a similar message to any seat seekers who have any other goals other than honest public service.
In my conversations at the borough building I got some good news. Now when you call the assembly number it actually goes to six, count 'em, SIX lines. Lets burn 'em up at the next meeting. Rant and rave for your 2 minutes and tell the assembly what you really think about this. Maybe the triad will resign rather than take any more taunting from the public. Actually I kinda like that idea, sometimes falling on your own sword is the honorable thing to do.
Thats all I got for now. Tonight I'm gonna watch a little Monty Python. I will probably replay the little Frenchman saying "go away or I shall taunt you some more" a few times and laugh into a cold glass of my favorite local brew.


Art Vandelay said...

So Griff, when do you throw your hat into the ring like the Mirror suggested? Personally, I am all for recalling Stutes. I regret voting for her.

Ishmael said...

Catch the borough assembly meeting tonight? There was only support for paying the three expressed by the two members of the public who commented. One other later said "just fix it."

kodiakgriff said...

I'm back.. took a little vacation.
On my return I see that nothing has changed.
I was kinda' hopin' that someone would file a petition.
Oh well, the more things change.....

Anonymous said...