I am back to our beloved isle. I took a business / fun trip to the A-town.
Once business was outta the way I manged to get the wife over and we enjoyed a great weekend. We spent the solstice at our good friends housewarming/barbecue and caught up with some old friends. I also got to meet some new folks that I hope to see again.
I was lucky enough to take my buddy's '78 R60 for a spin in the hills and enjoy some good ole riding time on the bike.
So now I am back. I had hoped that one disillusioned voter would start the recall petition while I was gone. I have not been able to locate one, so if anyone knows where it is at, please clue me in so that I might sign on.
I have had several comments, since my last post, on "throwing my hat in the ring". News flash folks; my hat has been in the ring for some time now. I do serve in an elected position and several other volunteer positions.
The point I have been trying to get across is this: community involvement. The government that serves us is only as good as we citizens expect. Sure, we can bitch & moan all we like. That is the beauty of our constitution. The downside is that the only change enacted is enacted by the voters.
Plain & simple; if we do not step up, then we get what we asked for. The question is this: are you willing to accept the actions of our government when it listens? If only a handful of voters speak up then the government will only listen to that handful. Do not be shy, we all have the right to speak. Unfortunately, the professional politicians, and gold diggers are using this option.
Sure, I could start that petition tomorrow; but so could anyone else. That's my point. Maybe today you will call in and voice your disappointment, desire, or outrage; maybe not. This I know, if the voters do not change the way they approach the issues, do not expect elected officials to act as if public desire matters, if you are not willing to speak up.
Please, let democracy rule once again.
I will not start this petition, perhaps I will step up to fill a seat, perhaps not.
Personally the time is not good for me. I would reconsider if if I thought that the neighborhood was willing to become an active part of the process.
When i cautioned the assembly to "reap what you sow', I realized that it is a double edged sword.
Not only do we reap, we also starve for lack of planting. There is a reason change is often begun in a "Grass roots" movement. The seeds of dissension are started in the neighborhood.
Perhaps I am currently disillusioned.
If anyone out there actually believes their voice, their vote does not matter than I would remind them of this.
In the 1700 hundreds a handful of neighborhoods overturned the strongest nation in the world. In doing so they set a precedent that has continued to change nations worldwide.
I have run my rant, and I am spent.


Anonymous said...

I understand how you feel. It isn't just the "conflict of interest" issue that irks me, but the suppression of the process that says majority rules.
Go back to the beginning of this. Assembly gets sues by a former member who failed to get reelected and misses the spotlight (or whatever his motives). The Assembly seeks advice from their attorney. Here is where is goes hinky in MHO - 3 members don't like that advice and instead of making their case to the rest of the assembly - they go out and get their own attorney.

If they don't like the KIB attorney then they should be pushing for the KIB to hire a new one, change law firms, whatever. But you can't encumber your legal fees on the rest of us cause you want a second opinion. If the majority of members decided on a second opinion that would be another matter. They circumvented the process and now they want reimbursement. Not OK!

Now the voters have to speak their mind at the election. We cannot reelect public officials that willfully bypass the process of majority rule. Not sure what your stances are on the issues facing Kodiak but I would encourage you to run.

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