Not just another barbecue.

Nor it is the mark for summers start. It is day of respect and honor.Sometimes I look about and think that far to many have forgotten this. Today is also a day that, several times, I will look to the horizon and quietly wipe the tears from my face as I am reminded of those, I know, who gave their lives so that others may live. I was honored to know them and I miss them every day. Those who have read my past rants know where I stand on this subject. GOD, Family, an Country are my passions. The core values of my service; Honor. respect, and devotion to duty still carry through in all that I do. The video I chose for this year is long, but it bears watching. The end will hopefully remind all just how many wars we have lost American lives to. Millions have gone before me and far to many will follow in their path. So today I will thank their families for their sacrifce and at 300pm EST I will bow my head and thank all those who paid the ultimate price for all that I hold dear. I will thank them for the safety of my family and of my nation. I will thank them for showing the best of what we are in the sacrifce for others. For my friens & brothers that have gone before me : AMTC Myles Rheinhart AST1 Dave Skimin AMTC John Seidman BMC Rich Belisle My eternal thanks. To the Uncle I never met and who I am named after; Edward Boodro, my gratitude for your sacrifice. Our family name died with you on that fateful day. For all those who serve, my gratitude is boundless, but that celebration is for another day not this one. Join me today folks at 300pm and bow your head. It is the one moment we can all, as a nation, do the right thing. Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13

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