Thankyou All.

No long rants today folks.
For me this is always a day of reflection and celebration.
My thanks to all have ever served our great nation, my gratitude for all who are still serving and protecting us all, and a heartfelt godspeed and bless to all of you about to enter into a life like no other.
So get out there folks, find a veteran and thank them, shake their hand and salute them, for it was their sacrifices that made everything you take for granted today; possible.
Beatus Nostrum Patronus.


Anonymous said...

I always pause to remember my grandfather's service in World War I and the incredible effort he made to tell his grandchildren about the horrible effects of war. In his later years he spoke to all of us grandchildren individually about nuclear bombs and how they should be eliminated from the earth. He had seen firsthand the effects of mustard gas and it haunted him. He also marched against the Vietnam War at age 73. He died in 1982 and everyday I miss him. He was a true patriot and had such incredible love for this country!

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