What assembly is this????

So there I was, in the garage, listening to the borough assembly meeting. A cold brewsky in one hand, and a handful of skepticism in the other.
Why the garage? The terrain of my compound makes reception a challenge, and I just didn't feel like sitting in the house listening to it on the 'puter, (I love the KMXT live streaming). Besides the kids gotta get his homework done. Oh yeah, if you do check out local radio on the web, click on the Donate button and help support the best media on the rock.
Is me or was that the shortest, most jovial borough assembly meeting in history? I actually had to double check the tuner to make sure I had not tuned into some other borough meeting. I felt like I was standing at the edge of a funeral party for the town bully. You know, where everyone stands around trying to say nice things about a person very few actually liked. I suppose it is never good to speak ill of the dead, or of the departed.
The high lights for me?
1. Apparently the ambulance Mel Stephens was chasing passed by the borough building, enabling him to drop by and put his 3 cents in. His gratitude for the departing assembly matters was tear jerking, (tears of mirth, that is). After all the pain you have suffered trying to hold the assembly accountable it is too bad your covert write-in campaign failed so miserably. I guess we'll have to listen to your comments from the floor for a while still.
2. The news that our community will be receiving a kickback from the 700 billion dollar bail-out. It could be as much as 400K for the next 3 years. Hopefully the assembly won't piss it away on studies and plans for the desperately needed borough administrative building. BTW, didn't I hear something about our school lunch program being short about 292K this year? Maybe they can trim some of the waste, as they are planning, and the assembly can now afford to fork over the rest. For that matter, why don't we invest some, and then give the rest to our school district?
3. Mr. Abell went out with some class and I really did like his suggestion that everyone should give public service a try. Thanks Tom, now move on and enjoy that lifetime of medical benefits you take as a parting gift.
4. Mr. Oswalt : that was the most eloquent & intelligent statement of your career and I will follow your lead.
With two legs of the triad removed, I am curious to see how the remainder will stand without their support. Its gonna be a fun winter, so pay attention folks. Ask hard questions, and demand real answers.