Election aftermath.

Tuesday has passed and both props on the ballot didn't. Not a big surprise to this blogger.
Prop one would have shielded our local seat holders & seekers from public disclosure.
it seems the local neighborhood wants full disclosure from it's elected officials, and with all that is going on in the big ring, I was not surprised by the outcome.
I did read one thing in our local fishwrap that caught my attention. It was the comment from Betty Odell.
Her statement would lead the average citizen to believe, that out of respect, we should not expect disclosure from our local elected officials. Balderdash!
I, for one, do respect anyone bold enough to step up and represent our neighborhoods. Well Ms. Odell ; our nation was founded by a group of folks that did not "respect government". I think that our inherent ability to question government is what makes this nation what it is.
That said; the majority of our local elected officials are exempted from the requirement. I would recommend that Ms. Odell actually read the rules before she comments. I will never trade "respect" for carte blanche or accountability. The lawyers and doctors who cross the threshold that requires such disclosure are covered by client attorney privilege and HIPA. All they have to do is pursue the rights they and their clients are protected under. If Ms. Odell is not able to find the time to protect her interests, then perhaps she does not have the time to represent our community.
Prop 2 got voted down, not only because of the local economy. Granted it may have been a major factor, but that was not the only factor that turned voters away. In my opinion Prop 2 was a sirloin steak served with a side of horse manure. The 8.7 million tack-on for the addition of a borough facility and the destruction of the old did not belong on that proposition. Nice try though. If memory serves me, a short time ago the original pool vote involved water slides and other extravagant add-ons, we decide not necessary. The borough brought it back, in a more economical and practical presentation, and we voted it in. I am fairly certain that will be the case for our badly needed new high school. BTW Juneau is building a Shangri-La of a facility for a round 80 million.
As for the elections, well no real surprises there. Those that ran, for the most part, got voted in. I am glad to see that write in vote for borough assembly went to Dave Kaplan. Did anyone else notice the other three contenders? Yep, there was a Stephans. and a couple of Arndts in the mix. I am glad there was enough voter turn out to prevent that from happening.
Petal Ruch won a much deserved school board seat, and this voter believes she will bring a much needed new perspective to the board.
Lastly, HATS OFF to all who ran and doubly so to all who showed up to vote. The power of government truly rests in our hands.
Check out the KoKon, rumor has it the comments section is coming back, that and his spin on Uncle Ted vs. Hobo Jim is hilarious. The Kodiak Perspective is keeping us posted on his travels and is enlightening as usual.
As for me; I am off to the Rondy for a burger and a brew,(or two).
Do the right thing tomorrow ya'll, regardless of the effort.


Ishmael said...

Thanks for the shout out, Griff, but more importantly, thanks for putting your name on the ballot. You're too modest dishing out praise to others and not mentioning your contribution. Word up.

Nothing better than a Rondy burger and a cold one, especially while watching a ball game.

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