Drinkin' Coffee and Stumblin' About

So here I am sippin' some fine Java and stumblin' about the blogosphere. In my mourning quest to replace Art Vandelay I have started linking off my fellow bloggers and discoverin' some real winners.
Thanks to FlictheBic I have discovered Alaska Robotics, this a blog worth checkin', just make sure you click on the Sarah Palin bumper sticker.
Ish over at the KoKon has a excerpt from a great piece at the Rogue Wave. I sure do miss that ability to comment on Ish' stuff, although the latest entries seem tame when compared to the old, I figure he is still reeling from the after effects of his Palin/Vogue cover craziness. As a big believer the "in reap what you sow" approach to life, I wish the mighty Ishmael would shake it off and return to us with his usual wit, sarcasm, and candor.
Anyways, I reckon I should move on before I get to sloppily reminiscent. Point is I miss Art and Ish. So to all you readers & bloggers out there. Read, comment, ask hard questions. I truly believe the blogosphere could some day drive public opinion enough to help effect positive change in all our neighborhoods.
Do a good thing today ya'll; just not for yourself.