Spring Fever

Spring is here!
As I look out & enjoy the sunshine I am reminded of "cabin fever" and it's aftermath.
Vandalism and violence tend to peak this time of year. Perhaps it it just our citizens acting out as the weight of winter slowly gives way to the promise of better weather and good times. We are caught between the drudgery of winter and the promise of spring. The sun shines but the breeze is still cold. School is nearly out, but not quite. The energy stored all winter seeks to pour forth, yet is frustrated by the environmental reality of our island.
It is release we seek, but patience has worn thin. Big deep breath folks; it will come. Longer days are now coupled with weather that is not entirely conducive to our goals.
I look at my gardens and lawn, frustrated by the fact the the temps are there if I want start spring planting, but are stymied by the reality of the 2 feet of snow that still exist.
It will come. Spring/summer will bud. I have songbirds flitting about, fresh bear tracks, and semi-white hares in the backyard.
My question is this. Will we forget the issues that plague our community and our state just because we have crossed the half-way mark for daylight?
My challenge would be this.
Regardless of the long days, the fish running, the ability to get off work and play; do not table the issues. Our island has a propensity for putting things on hold during the summer. We should curtail this. If we keep putting things off until winter then progress will be slow.
I guess what I am trying to spin here is this. The good times are coming; but if we forget the trials and tribulations of the winter, then we will repeat them next year.
Just a thought. I have spun my spin, and I am spent.
Lastly: the next conversation you have with a friend; act as if it is the last time you will talk to them. It might well be.


Paige Jennifer said...

I've wandered over your way randomly before via KoKon. And while you've always had something good to read, I really truly loved this post. It makes sense and yet it's so hard to apply.

Also, thanks for your comment. Last summer, an Alaskan I was dating had to go to Kodiak for the day on business. I tagged along but he dropped me off in town and there I lingered solo for about eight hours. When we met up for the flight back to Anchorage, he asked me what I thought of the island.

"It reminds me of Maine," I answered.

Go figure (laughing).

kodiakgriff said...

Thank you. To hear someone so far from here and yet close to my hometown even read my drivel warms me.
I too enjoy your blog, keep it up!

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