Happy Easter everyone. It is a time for people all over the world to rejoice. It is the time when spring births add to many a shepherds flocks and family. It is also a time of spiritual rebirth for many.
For me it is all that and more. It is a time for gratitude. I try very hard to be grateful every day, but today is a day I try to remember all I have to be grateful for.
That is a long list, so this post I will keep it simple.
Millennium ago one men gave his life to save us all. His resurrection started a movement that changed the world and continues to do so even today. Jesus died so that we may live, he has risen so that we may live forever. This I truly believe, it guides me when I am troubled, it strengthens me when I am weak. It gives me purpose.
It keeps me humble, for no matter what sacrifice I feel I have made, none can top the one made that day in Jerusalem.
Thank you Jesus.
I am grateful for my family, they also give me purpose. They also teach me much.
I thank them for that.
Thank you to the mentors I have been blessed with knowing. There were many, but I would name a few here.
Thank you Sister Patricia, my first grade teacher, showed me love and that learning was an adventure.
Thank you Earl Jones, you taught me responsibility, wood craft, patience, and how to have fun.
Thank you Sister Dianne, for even though I had strayed for so long, you welcomed me back. You nurtured me and my family and never judged.
Thank you Sister Angela Goedkin.
I met you at a time in my life when I needed you most. I was transitioning from a life of service and purpose to a life unknown. When I started coaching your boys I had no idea the education I was about to receive. Your gentle guidance helped me out time after time. When my relationship with my son was strained and challenging, you showed me that love and patience would prevail. You guided me through my "rebirth" and I am better for it.
Sister Angela rests with the Lord she loves now, and I know that I will see her again. Perhaps she will come across the son I have in heaven. Perhaps she will tell him about me. Perhaps she will do the same for my fathers. I can only hope.
That's what it's all about folks. Hope and faith are what keep us going. By having hope we demonstrate our faith. Saints, sinners, believers or not, hope is the product of faith. It proves we believe in something. So many will argue that faith is not necessary for life. However; few will argue that a life without hope is worth living.
So admit it, hope and faith go hand in hand. Then be grateful. Be grateful for every good thing that happens today and every day after this one. Recognize the gifts you have been given. Use them to help all those around you. what better way to demonstrate your gratitude than to share your gifts?
On Grateful Living: Reflections by Catholic Sisters
“Gratitude is my constant consciousness of God's presence
in persons, nature, and circumstances,” says Sr. Angela
Goedken, OSF, a teacher in Kodiak, Alaska. “Sometimes
gratitude comes easily, and, often, in more challenging or negative times, it is hard. I am
growing in giving thanks in difficult circumstances. When my mother died so
unexpectedly, it took me years to be able to thank God for her gift of life to the family.”

This post is dedicated to Sister Angela Goedken. God keep you and hold you.
Peace and thanks ya'll.


Alaska-womom said...

Awww, griff. Thanks. What a great message. It is so true, we need to have gratitude. Maybe our culture (as a whole) would not suffer with so much depression if we practiced gratitude. Maybe we should hand out perscriptions that read,"Find two things to be grateful about, meditate on them ad you won't need to call me in the morning."
The side effects are so much better--sorry--too much studying pharmacology this semester--eeek! I'm grateful for bloggers who will go out on a limb and discuss their faith--religion and politics seem to be the big theme in blogs--at least with faith something positive can come out of it--sorry--also weary of all the political complaining-if you don't like something go and change it-Ghandi said "Be the change you want to see in the world" Definately words of faith and positivity-there--now that's off my chest-Thanks for the AWESOME post.

kodiakgriff said...

Praise from you always warms my heart. Thank you.
Gandhi said many things i hold dear. That quote from you being at the top of the list.
My second favorite goes something like this,(but not exactly),
Religions are simply a path. What difference does the route matter if the destination is the same?