I Did Not Know.......

Some have noticed that my rants are leaning toward the reflective side. I am grateful for those still reading even though this is true. I also thank the small but growing group, that after exploring my outpourings, are discovering that not all bloggers are politico bashing wannabe's or religious zealots. Some of us actually have something to say that is not at the expense of those easy targets the mainstream media and so many blogs seem to feed on.
There are many, so many, that really put it out there. Who share so much, without tearing down others. The Saltonstall's enrich my day often, PJ makes me think, Womom does all that and she makes me laugh. There are many more, so please check out the links on the side over there.
So back to being reflective.

This for a friend who has beaten me to heaven.
I did not know.
When I listened to you playing your guitar at church,
It was the last time the missed chord, the little smirk,
would grace us with presence.
I did not know.
When I talked to you Friday at the store,
it was last time I would hear that laugh,
feel your energy.
I hope there was no harsh word said,
your last day among us.
That too, I do not know.
Yet I do know
I hope to be loved as you.
When I go.
Live every day as your last folks. Treat every person as if every word you speak to them is the last. Every action the one you will remember most.
My definition of ultimate hope:
My mother never says goodbye. Never. She always says "so long" or see you later".
That's optimism folks, it truly is.
Treat every day as your last chance to do the right thing and every conversation as your last one. Take nothing for granted, especially those you love most.
Maybe, just maybe, if we all do that, the world would be that much better when we walk into our last sunset.
Good night Steve Kreber. I am better for having known you.
Peace ya'll
you know the rest................


Zoya said...

Thanks for the kind words! And I agree with your sentiments.


Alaska-womom said...

Thanks for the post nd the attagirl.I read this quote this week-I feel as if it would be appropriate for the friend you lost.
When you where born you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die the world will cry and you will rejoice...quote from Chief White Elk

Peace Back

kodiakgriff said...

Thank you both.
Patrick, I met some folks from BHA i A-town and joined up!
Womom; I will remember that quote for the rest of my days.