My Favorite Day

Happy Thanksgiving y'all.
Yes this is my favorite holiday; for many reasons.
It is a day to be grateful and realize how lucky we are.
It the first American holiday, it is ours no one elses.
It marks the beginning of the holiday season, a time when most folks act their best.
The food is awesome.
So today my lovely bride and I are doing something different. We are spending our afternoon with the neighborhood. Yup a large part of our Flats Rats are gathering at the local pub for dinner. This is not some buffet or thanksgiving special. The pub is actually closed to the public. The pool table will be coverd with plywood and that will be covered with dishes from all of us. We will gather,bringing a cornucopia of dishes and sit down together for a feast like no other. Most of us are empty nesters now and our children have moved off this emerald isle, so we will sit together and tell stories, watch football, laugh, maybe cry, and eat.
What children are left with us will run about and be spoiled by the entire neighborhood. Often you hear the saying about a village raising a child. In this neighborhood, we actually do that. We cherish, teach, and watch over the children here and when they grow up and move on we stay in touch. When they return, we rejoice and celebrate. Life is good and I am thankful.
So please, enjoy today for what it is meant to be. A day of grateful celebration. Beat whatever swords you may have into serving platters and feast! Feast on the atmosphere of love and comfort with whatever group you are with. Call and touch base with that old friend, tell your parents, children, and friends that you love them.
Rejoice and celebrate all that is good in your life. Time enough tomorrow to deal with the things that are not.
Peace my friends.


Paige Jennifer said...

Loved that, Griff! Sounds like a pretty awesome time. Hope it surpassed expectations.

kodiakgriff said...

It was and it did PJ.
Best part for me? Watching a pair of brand new granparents and their month old grandson have dinner together.
That was cool.