I am now anyways. Yes I have been lost from the world. Life has a way of getting in the way doesn't it? I have been having some fun. I have also been balancing school and work while trying to maintain a househlod, and be a good parent, husband, and son.
I did get to travel a bit with my son. We went back east to visit family and friends. We experienced triple digit heat, thunderstorms, and something the lower
48'ers call a hurricane.
First stop was Atlanta to visit with family I had not seen in over a year. Got to get reaquainted with some of my grandchildren and daughters.
On a side trip I travelled to Virginia and I would love to thank them for trying to make me feel at home. I woke up every morning to the smell of a campfire as the smoke from the Great Dismal Swamp fire filled the city of Norfolk with a woody haze. Then to top that they even had a genuine earthquake just to make me miss my great state. Now that truly is southern hospitality.
The off to Beantown for some more R&R. I reestablished a relationship with some very dear friends. They were actually my surrogate parents for many years. I apologized to them be being so out of touch for so long. They did not even blink, shoot they just laughed and reminded me that I always had a knack for getting sidetracked. Then they offered up their home to me and my son, whom they had never met.
We had coffe in the morning and dinner at night. Later my son would say, "they act like you never left dad". I reminded him that it was probably beacause in their hearts, I never did.
Then came the "hurricane". By the time it arrived in New England it was just a tropical storm. We battened down hatches and chained things down, then sat back and watched. To me it looked like any day in Kodiak. Rain and blowin' 40-70. We helped clean up and then hit the golf course.
Finally back to good old Kodiak. My son, after meeting so many of the folks I grew up around, now seems to have a better understanding of why I see things as I do. Nothing like a dose of old fashioned yankee thrift and comments to open up a young man's eyes.
One theme popped up every where I stopped.
Atlanta - "Dad you should go back to writing in your blog."
"Daddy are you going to start writing again?"
Virginia - "I heard you had a blog, so I checked it out. Why did you stop?"
Boston - "of course you should start writing again, it's how we know you!"
On the long ride home I realized that I was truly lost in several ways. I had let life steer me down a path to a point that I lost touch with several people who loved me. I had let sorrow take me down a hall to a self induced isolation chamber. I let carreer lead me away from one of the things I truly enjoy.
So yes I was lost, but now I am found.
Thanks to all who searched and waited; and finally brought me home.
I am back. I hope y'all don't mind.
Peace folks, and ask hard questions even if its only to yourself.


Paige Jennifer said...

One word: Yahoo!

Sometimes you have to leave where you are to see where you want to go. Sounds like your east coast adventures were just what you needed. In light of that, I'll refrain from berating you for not stopping in Philly.

kodiakgriff said...

Thanks PJ. I have never been a fan of going back, but it can reset your perspective. This time it did anyways.
If it's any consolation I did spend a week of my adventure with a colleage from Philly.